TV Wall HV-W35 (3.5mm) LCD Display Unit

TV Wall HV-W35 (3.5mm)
LED Display Unit

 4K signal input, auto loop up to 30 screens with HDMI interfaces Factory calibration for color and brightness uniformity Direct-lit LED backlight with uniform brightness and no boundary shadows 1920×1080 resolution, 178ํ viewing angle Ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel design Anti-glare, high definition, high brightness, high color gamut, and vivid images with rich colors Stable and 24-hour continuous working Metal casing for preventing from radiation and magnetic & electric field interference Wall-mount and modular brackets available to meet various installation requirements

Working surrounding

  • Please keep the machine properly installed.
  • connect 110 ~ 230V, 50 ~ 60HZ STABLE AC power supply.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, or rainwater.
  • Humidity: <95%
  • Working temperature: -0ํC~50ํC
  • Storage temperature: -20ํC~60ํC

อุปกรณ์จับยึดจอแสดงภาพ Video Wall

Model : HV-W35 BK

Material : Aluminum Metal

Structural Design : Unit modularity, Easy for installation

Modulation : Up-Down, Front-Behind, Left-Right

(Easy for adjust the screen gap.)

Repair method : Each screen is a Unit, Push then eject it.

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